Sandbags available from Council depot

With the continuing wet weather, Redland City Council is making sure the city is prepared.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said officers are continuing to check for and clear any blocked drains.

“Council has sandbags filled and available free of charge from its Thornlands, Russell Island and Macleay Islands depots,” Cr Williams said.

“Residents who are concerned that their properties may be inundated are invited to collect sandbags – and if the filled sandbags run out, there will additional sand and bags available.

“Mainland residents should pick up their sandbags from the Thornlands depot car park, on the corner of Wellington and South Streets (access from South Street),” Cr Williams said.

At this point there are only three Redland City road closures:

•Avalon Road, Sheldon
•Giles Road, Redland Bay
•Hilliards Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Ormiston.

Water is already subsiding, but heavy falls are still forecast over the next 48 hours.

Public access to the Raby Bay beaches along Masthead Drive has also been restricted. These beaches are all adjacent to Raby Bay Foreshore Park.

Two of the three beaches have been completely fenced off due to dangerous erosion.

There is limited public access to the third beach with three quarters of the beach being fenced off. The area that remains open has had 90 cubic meters of sand added to make it safe for the public.

Cr Williams cautioned people to follow the directions of temporary signage at the beaches and stay away from all fenced-off areas for their own safety.

“Our green waste collection, following the Australia Day storm, is still ongoing. So far an enormous amount of green waste has been collected from Redland streets – if stacked one metre wide and one metre high, the pile would continue for 5.8 kilometres,” she said.

Residents are encouraged to listen to 612 ABC Radio and monitor Council’s website (, Facebook and Twitter.

Sand bags - South Street Depot