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Green waste kerbside collection soon to be completed

Redland City Council has now collected an enormous six kilometre stretch of green waste, one metre wide by one metre high, from Redland streets.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council’s free post-storm kerbside collections, which started on Monday 11 February, would take several more weeks to complete.

“Pick-ups around the entire city are being done as fast as possible and are expected to be completed by mid-March, weather permitting,” Cr Williams said.

Cr Williams also thanked residents for their patience in having their green waste collected by Council officers.

“We really appreciate everyone’s patience, especially because the continuing wet weather has slowed down pick-ups.

“I would also like to thank those who made sure their green waste was clean and free of contaminants, which means it can be recycled into mulch,” Cr Williams said.

Collections are complete in the following suburbs:

  • Mt Cotton (except for busy roads that require specialised traffic control)
  • Ormiston
  • Thorneside
  • Victoria Point
  • Wellington Point
  • Dunwich
  • Point Lookout
  • Coochiemudlo Island
  • Lamb Island
  • Macleay Island
  • Russell Island

Post-storm green waste kerbside collections are currently under way in the following areas:

  • Alexandra Hills (Allenby Road area)
  • Birkdale (Bailey Road area)
  • Capalaba (Park residential areas)
  • Cleveland (Passage and Beach Street areas)
  • Amity Point
  • Redland Bay (Point Talburpin area)
  • Sheldon (Pioneers Street area)
  • Thornlands (Thornlands Road area)

Collections on Karragarra Island will start later this week.

The free green waste kerbside collection is a one-off free service being offered to residents in the wake of the wild weather resulting from ex-cyclone Oswald.

Free green waste kerbside collection update: Thursday 28 February 2013

We are currently picking up in:

* Alexandra Hills (Allenby Road area)
* Amity Point
* Birkdale (Bailey Road area)
* Capalaba (Park residential areas)
* Cleveland (Showgrounds and Bay Street areas)
* Redland Bay (Point Talburpin and then Orchard Beach areas)
* Sheldon (Pioneer Street area)
* Thornlands (Lorikeet Drive area)
* Wellington Point

Areas expected to commence today:

* Karragarra Island

Completed areas:

* Coochiemudlo Island
* Dunwich
* Macleay Island
* Lamb Island
* Mt Cotton (except for some green waste on busy roads which requires specialised traffic control)
* Ormiston
* Point Lookout
* Russell Island
* Thorneside
* Victoria Point

Queensland Floods Appeal 2013

About the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013
Red Cross in partnership with the Queensland Government established the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013 to provide assistance to individuals and families directly affected by the floods, tornados and storm damage.

Independent Distribution Committee
The Queensland Government has announced the appointment of an Independent Distribution Committee, chaired by the Hon. Terry Mackenroth, with representatives from government, local communities and Red Cross. The Independent Distribution Committee’s key responsibility will be to oversee the distribution of public donations made to the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013.

The initial focus is on helping individuals and families who are experiencing hardship from impacts of this natural disaster because their home is uninhabitable.

Distribution of Funds
The Independent Distribution Committee has decided to release funds from the appeal to assist with emergency needs for people whose principal place of residence was lost or is uninhabitable.

Individuals or families if eligible will receive:
• $2,000 per adult (18 years of age and over)
• $1,000 per dependent child (under 18 years of age)

The closing date for applications is Monday 18th March 2013.

For further information please visit the
Independent Distribution Committee website or phone 1800 901 933.

Free green waste kerbside collection update

Our crews are currently collecting green waste from kerbsides in:

* Alexandra Hills (Allenby Road area)
* Birkdale (Bailey Road area)
* Capalaba (Park residential areas)
* Cleveland (Passage Street and Beach Street areas)
* Macleay Island (northern areas)
* Point Lookout
* Redland Bay (Point Talburpin area)
* Thornlands (Thornlands Road area)

We have mostly completed collections in the areas listed below, apart from busy roads which need specialised traffic control measures in place. Collections on busy roads in these areas are due to start tomorrow, weather permitting.

* Dunwich
* Mt Cotton
* Ormiston
* Coochiemudlo Island
* Lamb Island
* Russell Island
* Thorneside
* Victoria Point
* Wellington Point

We expect collections to start later this week in the following areas:

* Amity Point
* Karragarra Island
* Sheldon

So far our crews have collected an enormous amount of green waste from the streets of Redland City – if stacked one metre wide and one metre high, the pile would continue for 5.8 kilometres.

Weed of the Week: Broad-leaf Pepper Tree

Name: Broad-leaf pepper tree

Scientific name: Schinus terebinthifolius

How to identify the weed: Commonly found in backyards in the Redlands this is a large spreading tree, 3-10 metres in height, often with multiple trunks.  The shiny, hairless  leaves are arranged alternately along the stems, with 5-9 stalkless leaflets on each leaf. Toothing is often observed on the leaftlet margins in younger trees. The leaves have a distinctive pepper aroma when crushed. Flowers are inconspicuous and borne in clusters towards the end of the branch.  Small glossy berries turn bright red as they ripen.

Why is the weed a problem: A native of tropical South America, this plant grows quickly and forms dense stands that out compete native vegetation. It contains toxic resins that can impact on the health of people and animals that come into contact with any parts of the tree. It also harbours a disease known to kill mangroves.

How to manage the weed: Chemical treatment is the most effective way to eradicate this weed. Dispose of all seed and be prepared to treat regrowth for up to 18 months following initial treatment. For more information, please contact IndigiScapes on 3824 8611.

Any other interesting facts: This plant has been listed on the Global Invasive Species Database as one of the top 100 worst invasive weeds in the world!

Schinus terebinthifolia flowers Schinus terebinthifolia red fruits

Victoria Point pontoon / boat ramp update

We have already installed two of the piles required to support a new pontoon at Victoria Point. The new pontoon will replace the one that broke away over the Australia Day weekend. 

One of the two lanes on the boat ramp is currently open to the public, however, we will need to completely close the ramp when the weather clears to install the other two piles from the seaward side. This could be later in the week – we’ll keep you posted.

The pontoon at Victoria Point broke away during the Australia Day weekend severe weather event

The pontoon at Victoria Point broke away during the Australia Day weekend severe weather event.

Severe weather updates

Last updated: 3.00pm Wednesday 27 February 2013.

We will update this page as new information becomes available. Please refresh your browser to see the latest updates.

Minor flooding at Capalaba

Capalaba Regional Park (behind Bunnings) has been closed due to water releases from Leslie Harrison Dam. Tingalpa Creek has broken its banks and there is a minor amount of flood water encroaching into the play area of Capalaba Regional Park, the greyhound track and the car park at John Fredericks Park.

Road information

Please take care, drive to the conditions, and remember: if it’s flooded, forget it!

  • Hilliards Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Sturgeon St, Ormiston – pedestrian bridge closed.

Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island

Main Beach camping grounds are closed until further notice.

Main Beach is expected to be reopened to vehicles on Monday afternoon (25/2/2013).

Restricted beach access at Raby Bay

We have restricted access to the three public beaches off Masthead Drive, Raby Bay. Two beaches are completely fenced off as the access is too dangerous for the public. The third beach has limited access.


Our preparations

Our crews are preparing for heavy rain by filling sand bags, checking for blockages to storm water drains and placing signs at know flooding spots.

Sand bags

Sand bags are available from the following locations:

  • Cleveland – Redland City Council Depot car park at South Street (corner of Wellington Street).
  • Russell Island – council depot.
  • Macleay Island – council depot.




Sandbags available from Council depot

With the continuing wet weather, Redland City Council is making sure the city is prepared.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said officers are continuing to check for and clear any blocked drains.

“Council has sandbags filled and available free of charge from its Thornlands, Russell Island and Macleay Islands depots,” Cr Williams said.

“Residents who are concerned that their properties may be inundated are invited to collect sandbags – and if the filled sandbags run out, there will additional sand and bags available.

“Mainland residents should pick up their sandbags from the Thornlands depot car park, on the corner of Wellington and South Streets (access from South Street),” Cr Williams said.

At this point there are only three Redland City road closures:

•Avalon Road, Sheldon
•Giles Road, Redland Bay
•Hilliards Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Ormiston.

Water is already subsiding, but heavy falls are still forecast over the next 48 hours.

Public access to the Raby Bay beaches along Masthead Drive has also been restricted. These beaches are all adjacent to Raby Bay Foreshore Park.

Two of the three beaches have been completely fenced off due to dangerous erosion.

There is limited public access to the third beach with three quarters of the beach being fenced off. The area that remains open has had 90 cubic meters of sand added to make it safe for the public.

Cr Williams cautioned people to follow the directions of temporary signage at the beaches and stay away from all fenced-off areas for their own safety.

“Our green waste collection, following the Australia Day storm, is still ongoing. So far an enormous amount of green waste has been collected from Redland streets – if stacked one metre wide and one metre high, the pile would continue for 5.8 kilometres,” she said.

Residents are encouraged to listen to 612 ABC Radio and monitor Council’s website (, Facebook and Twitter.

Sand bags - South Street Depot

Work begins on new pontoon at Victoria Point

Redland City Council has started work on a new pontoon to replace the previous one that broke away from the Victoria Point Boat Ramp during the cyclonic winds recently experienced in the Redlands.

Mayor Karen Williams said the boat ramp had remained open (without the pontoon) for recreational boating, and that when possible, one lane of the two lanes will still be accessible during the construction period.

“Preparations are now being made for the installation of four new piles to secure the new pontoon,” Cr Williams said.

“Two piles can be reached by land when tides allow, but the two seaward piles will need to be put in place by a piling barge when the weather clears.

“We expect this to take place early next week, weather permitting.”

The exact measurements needed to build the new pontoons will only be known when the piles are in place.

Cr Williams said many Redland residents and visitors would be keen to get out on the water come Easter time, so Council was aiming to have the new pontoon built and installed for the long weekend.

“But this is a very exposed site when there are high winds and waves in the bay, so the weather will dictate our progress. Safety is our first priority,” she said.

Changes to the accessibility of the Victoria Point Boat Ramp during the construction period will be updated on the signage already at the ramp, and via Council’s Facebook account and online at

Weed of the Week: Asparagus fern

Common name: Asparagus fern

Scientific name: Asparagus aethiopicus

How to identify the weed: Commonly found in backyards this weeds is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial with arching, spiny stems up to 2m long with creeping underground stems and tubers.  Waxy pale green fern-like ‘leaves’ up to 2.5cm, singley or in clusters.  Its small white or pink flowers are borne in clusters.  Small round, glossy berries can be present all year round, turning from green to red as they ripen.

Why is the weed a problem: Introduced from southern Africa, this plant readily adapts to most conditions forming a dense thicket that smothers understorey vegetation and prevents natural regeneration.  It is quickly spread to new areas through dumping of garden waste and birds consuming the berries.

How to manage the weed: Remove the crown of the plant by cutting the bulk of the roots from the ground with a sharp knife and dispose of the entire plant. For more information, please contact IndigiScapes on 3824 8611.

Any other interesting facts: The underground tubers only store water and play no part in reproduction.

Asparagus fern