Roadside mowing is the State Government’s responsibility

The Redland Times article “Roadside mowing in crisis”, 18 January (page 1), may be misinterpreted by  some residents who may think that it is a Council responsibility to mow roadside grass along state roads in the Redlands. This is not the case.
Council wants to make sure the public is aware that mowing long grass on state-owned roadsides has always been the responsibility of the Queensland Government.

Council did previously maintain these areas on behalf of the State Government who provided funding to Council to do this. This funding arrangement ceased in October last year and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) re-assumed the responsibility for roadside mowing, herbicide treatment, litter collection and pruning of trees for state controlled roads. Council continues to maintain landscaping on median strips.

Council does not believe it is fair for ratepayers to pay for a state government responsibility and is no longer mowing roadside grass along state roads. When the Queensland Government ended the funding arrangement last year Council called on the State to make sure public safety is a priority through their future maintenance program on affected roads.

Enquiries about the State Government’s roadside maintenance program can be directed to the DTMR’s contracted service provider Road Tek on 3347 5204.