Council’s policy sets out response times

Redland City Council today approved a new Customer Contact Policy that will dramatically improve response times to residents’ inquiries.

Mayor Karen Williams said customers were the first priority of Council and it was critical to provide accurate and timely information and responses to them.

“In order to provide timely and efficient services to our community, Council has established timeframes for employees to follow when responding to different categories of customer contact,” Cr Williams said.

“Whether you are talking to a Council officer face-to-face, phoning, writing, emailing, commenting through social media or inquiring on-line, you can expect us to keep you informed on the status of your inquiry and respond within a given timeframe.

A snapshot of service standards adopted:

  • Wherever possible, face to face enquiries at Council’s Customer Service Centres and libraries will be dealt with on the spot, but where an answer cannot be provided immediately, a formal response will be provided within 10 business days.
  • Council will strive to answer phone calls within 20 seconds 90 per cent of the time, and to resolve phone enquiries at the first point of contact 75 per cent of the time.
  • Council will strive to respond to written enquiries within 10 business days, with the customer being advised of the estimated timeframe for more complex enquiries.
  • Emails to the corporate inbox will be acknowledged immediately and responded to within 10 working days.
  • Enquiries to Council’s social media sites will be responded to within two working days.
  • For more complex enquiries, Council will contact the customer and give an approximate timeframe for the finalisation of their enquiry.

Cr Williams said adopting these service standards was another significant step in further developing a customer first culture throughout Council.

“Last month I announced the establishment of a one-stop Council Contact Centre, to be phased in over three years, starting from July 2013.

“With the new service standards, you can be sure we are putting our community first. This was the message sent loudly and clearly to us during, and since, the election.

“I make no apology for setting the benchmarks high. Our residents deserve no less.

“The guidelines have been set high as we have to ensure the community is well served
by Council.

“It also provides the opportunity for Councillors to serve their communities better.”

These service standards can be viewed on Council’s website