Life-saving gift – and it’s free

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett has urged parents to sign their children up for potential life-saving free swimming lessons at Redlands YMCA, Victoria Point.

Councillor Hewlett said the lessons were valued at up to $150 and available for families struggling financially.

“Parents can give their child or children the best gift possible by having them taught to swim,” he said.

“Too often we hear of drowning tragedies involving young children. The YMCA is offering families the chance to dramatically reduce the risk of accident by teaching children to swim.

“Our children are too precious to take any chances.”

Councillor Hewlett said the lessons were available to all Redland families experiencing financial difficulty and unable to afford swim tuition for their children.

“The SWIM 100 campaign has been launched to provide 100 terms of lessons over 10 weeks,” he said.

“It is open to families that are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot afford to pay for lessons; have disadvantaged children; or have children with a disability.

“Those wishing to apply must not have previously had lessons at the YMCA centre at Victoria Point.

All they have to do is complete the online application on YMCA’s website, or contact the centre on 3820 5300.