Incentive package to revitalise Cleveland CBD

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has announced a financial and regulatory incentives package aimed at kick-starting development of the Cleveland Central Business District.

Speaking at the Redlands Development Forum (Friday 19 October), Councillor Williams said the package, agreed to by Council last week, recognised the future role of the Cleveland CBD as a key regional activity centre.

“Despite an award-winning master plan for Cleveland, a number of obstacles to development remained,” Councillor Williams said.

“Our incentive package clearly states our commitment to support the growth of the master planned Cleveland CBD as a lifestyle, employment and business centre, by addressing frustration with many of the current planning provisions that have seen growth and investment in Cleveland stall.

“Council has a role to play through our planning requirements, facilitation and land management and this package now presents an attractive prospectus for stronger public and private sector investment partnerships from within and outside the city.

“Supporting Redlands business and addressing the issues of the Cleveland CBD are priorities for me as Mayor.”

The incentives package agreed by Council;

  • defines land uses eligible for incentives, ranging from commercial offices and educational facilities, apartment buildings that are part of mixed use, education and health care facilities and shops and tourist accommodation;
  • financial incentives such as waivers of fees and infrastructure charges, subject to financial and budget consideration;
  • fast-track assessment of material change of use applications within 20 days;
  • car parking concessions by adopting a base maximum consistent with transit oriented development for material change of use applications under the Cleveland Master Plan and Redland Planning Scheme; and
  • short-term amendments to the Redland Planning Scheme to ensure changes of tenancies within the major centres are self assessable for eligible uses.

The package will commence in March 2013 and operate until June 2015.

The package was hailed as a positive step by developers attending the forum.

“The message we received loud and clear was that it has been too hard to do business in the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

” We have heard the industry needs certainty – that can mean saying yes as quickly and openly as saying no – but we need to do that upfront so as not to waste anyone’s time and money.

“I am committed to driving that approach. Our CBD incentive package is part of that strategy.”