Council to establish new one-stop shop Contact Centre

Redland City Council is establishing a one-stop shop Contact Centre that will mean customer inquiries are answered at the initial point of contact, rather than being transferred around Council.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the new centre would ensure the great customer service already provided at Council front counters would be carried over to phone and email inquiries.

“We have won national and state awards for the customer service at our front counters, and want to ensure that same high-level experience for our customers who contact us via phone or email,” Cr Williams said.

“Currently, calls and most emails are dealt with by transferring them through to the relevant area in Council.

“The Contact Centre will instead mean the person you first contact will answer your inquiry – that is what customers want.

“With the new centre, we will deliver consistent, high-level customer services through phone inquiries, email inquiries and face-to-face inquiries.”

Cr Williams said there would also be flexibility to increase hours of service should caller demands indicate this would assist customers to do business with Council.

“In addition, we are investigating out of hours e-services, for possible implementation in the later stages of the centre development,” Cr Williams said.

“This would allow customers and Council to conduct business when it suits the customer.

“Ultimately, the range of services will be determined by the availability of cost-effective technology and demand for the service,” Cr Williams said.

The Contact Centre will be located directly behind the customer service counters in Council’s administration building, Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.

The centre will answer all Council inquiries, including those around rates, water, waste, animals, building, planning, parks and maintenance of roads and community venues.

The Contact Centre will be phased in over three years, with the first phase kicking off on 1 July 2013.