Stay safe from swooping magpies

Redland City Council is alerting residents that the beginning of spring signals magpie nesting season, which may lead to magpies swooping.

During nesting season some magpies will swoop to warn away a perceived intruder from their nesting area.

Magpies are the most commonly recognised birds for swooping but other birds such as Plovers and Butcherbirds will also swoop at this time of the year.

Birds swoop as a defence mechanism to protect their young and as a warning to passers-by.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams, said by understanding birds and knowing how to behave around them, you can stay safe from swooping birds.

Be alert and follow these safety tips to avoid being swooped:

– Find out where birds are nesting and avoid the area if possible
– Find an alternate route or stay at least 150m from a nest area
– Wear a hat and sunglasses or hold a bag or umbrella over your head
– Get off and walk your bicycle around nest areas
– Or if riding a bicycle, put spike or flag decorations on your helmet
– Walk in a group when possible
– Never approach or try to pick up a young magpie.

If you become aware of magpie nesting areas or would like to find out more about their locations, Council offers access to a magpie swooping sighting map by visiting