Council identifies $5.1million in budget efficiency savings

An ongoing efficiency review by Redland City Council has identified a total $5.1 million in efficiency savings, Mayor Karen Williams announced today.

Councillor Williams said the savings would not be achieved at the expense of services to the people.

“During the election campaign I promised to contain rates rises, to remove domestic tip fees, cut council waste, slash red tape and deliver a higher level of service to the people,” the Mayor said.

“One of the first things I did as Mayor was to remove domestic tip fees. We then delivered the lowest rates rises of any comparable South East Queensland council. Now we have identified a significant internal savings as we drive efficiencies.

“The fact we have been able to achieve multi-million-dollar savings is clear evidence of the capacity of Council to deliver real efficiency in its operations.

“Importantly, these efficiencies are not at the expense of services to the community.

“It is about managing resources in an efficient and effective way, ensuring value for money and driving a ‘work smarter’ culture across all departments of Council.

“Our back to basics approach is part of long term policy of this Council.

“We are determined to find continuous operational and project efficiencies within Council’s budget and free up funds for community needs, rather than increase the rate burden.”

The Mayor said savings had been identified from across Council.

City Services Group, which includes community and cultural services, parks and gardens, roads and city works and construction, has identified the biggest contribution of $2.23 million towards efficiency gains.

“My first budget as Mayor had identified approximately $4 million in budgeted efficiencies,” the Mayor said.

“I am delighted that by ensuring a continuous review of the budget, we have been able to increase this to $5.1 million.

“This savings will be redirected to benefit ratepayers across the city.”

The financial report to this week’s General Meeting of Council said all carry over projects including capital projects from last year’s budget were expected to be completed by December.