Council Energy Generates Savings

Redland City Council has saved ratepayers $82,328 over the last 12 months by reducing energy consumption across its buildings.

Council’s energy efficiency project has reduced energy use by 860,000 kWh per annum and greenhouse gas emissions by about 760 tonnes per annum.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams, said energy efficiency has a two-fold benefit of reducing pollution and saving money for our rate payers.

“With rising energy costs, energy efficiency is an important part of Council’s operations. We are doing this because it makes long-term economic sense.

“Council has invested $704,714 to improve energy efficiency at its Council facilities and will achieve a project pay-back in a period of 8.5years, well within industry standards for this type of project,” the Mayor said.

“Council has achieved the energy efficiency results through an energy management plan. Some of the key initiatives include installing voltage reduction units to lighting circuits, energy audits, air-conditioning system modification for temperature and run efficiency, solar powered air extractors designed to minimise heating and cooling loads and automation technology for building controls.

“Another key initiative that saw the replacement of air-conditioning plants at three main Council buildings, at the end of their lives, with efficient alternatives reducing electricity consumption by 464,139 kWh,” the Mayor said.

“This takes the results to 1,326,925kWh saved and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 1,167 tonnes. These initiatives have generated an annual saving of approximately $129,000.

“Outside of our efficiency program, we have also used methane gases from our landfill site to generate green energy which is fed back into the grid and powers about 1,200 homes,” she added.

“Improving energy efficiency is also a central element of Council’s sustainability and carbon footprint reduction strategy, while putting money back in our ratepayers’ pockets.

“Energy efficiency is one of the simplest ways for everyone including local households and businesses of all sizes to save money through smarter energy use,” Mayor Williams said.