Ailing trees to be removed in Cleveland

Two diseased trees will be removed in the Cleveland CBD over the next few days to ensure public safety.

The trees, a Norfolk Pine and a Jacaranda, have been monitored closely over the last 12 months and have been found to be suffering from fungal diseases, rot and decay.

Redland City Council Mayor, Karen Williams, said it was always heartbreaking to lose established trees from the streetscape.

“We have had to make the tough decision to remove these trees as they are becoming a public danger in the high-traffic CBD area.

“Our priority is to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors and these trees will be replaced with more suitable varieties.”

The Norfolk Pine is situated in the raised garden bed on the corner of Middle and Bloomfield Streets, in front of the Westpac bank. The Jacaranda is situated in the park between Bloomfield Street and the Woolworths carpark.

The Norfolk Pine will be replaced with a fig tree while the Jacaranda will be replaced with a Poinciana.

It is currently planned for the Norfolk Pine to be removed early Saturday Morning (18 August), while the Jacaranda should be removed early Tuesday morning (21 August).

“With expert care from our officers, the newly planted trees will quickly establish themselves and add to the beauty of our CBD,” the Mayor said.