Council asks State Government to put transport on the agenda

Redland City Council has asked the State Government to prioritise key transport infrastructure as part of a submission to the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan (SEQRP).

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while the Council submission congratulated the State Government for including a number of transport projects for Redland City, it failed to provide expected timings for this infrastructure and left out other key transport upgrades.

“Our residents have told us that upgraded roads and public transport are critical and we have reflected this in our submission to the State Government by asking them to prioritise this infrastructure,” Cr Williams said.

“While the draft SEQRP includes extending the Eastern Busway to Capalaba and high frequency public transport to Capalaba, Cleveland, Victoria Point and southern Redland Bay, it fails to provide timeframes for these projects to be delivered, leaving residents in the dark.

“The Draft SEQRP also doesn’t include the much needed duplication of the Cleveland rail line or improved road links between Redland City and the Port of Brisbane and Gateway Motorway corridor.

“These projects have been included in past State Government Infrastructure plans but have now dropped off the radar and I want to make sure they are part of the State Government’s agenda and all future planning documents.”

“The Draft SEQRP also says there needs to be more growth in the Cleveland Rail corridor to justify duplication of the rail line, but it fails to identify a growth target, meaning again we are in the dark as to when or if to expect this vital infrastructure.”

Cr Williams said the SEQRP also failed to recognise the unique challenges facing Redland City’s island communities.

“As a city of islands Redland City faces some unique challenges, which will likely become more obvious over the coming years as North Stradbroke Island transitions away from sandmining,” Cr Williams said.

“Our submission to the Draft SEQRP encourages the State Government to include the North Stradbroke Island transition package as part of the plan to ensure the future of Straddie is considered in their long-term strategic direction.

“The Draft SEQRP also fails to acknowledge the unique circumstances that exist on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, in particular the development potential of the islands and their location within a unique environmental setting.”

The State Government’s draft South East Queensland Regional Plan can be found here.

Council’s full submission to the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan can be found here.

One thought on “Council asks State Government to put transport on the agenda

  1. Susan

    We have land on Russel Island. And are starting to build down the Sandy Beach Area The
    plans for our house are in council now. We made the decision to buy on the Island as we are in our 60’s and to own our home at my husband retirement would be impossible on the mainland. Gold Coast where we come from. my Husband works on the GC at the University hospital I have
    many health issues and need regular. Visits to the hospital. Our 2 Daughters and families have also moved to the Islands as the prospects of ever owning their own homes on the mainland world be unlikely they both have children. One grandchild also has Heart problems and needs hospital visits to the Lady Celento Hospital regulary. Improving the rail would help along with having a bridge to the mainland from Russell will help us. And I believe many others…since buying our block and starting the building process we have had the fires which came across the Rd . And we see the importance of having a way of escape off the Island is much needed. My Husband and I have grown to love the Island over the past 2 years and look forward to calling it home.


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