Council introduces Community Response and Parking Patrol Car

Redland City has a new ally in its aim to provide safe parking across the city, with a brightly coloured Community Response and Parking Patrol Car recently taking to local streets.

The Community Response and Parking Patrol

The Community Response and Parking Patrol Car

Redland City Council Acting CEO Louise Rusan said the new patrol car was fitted with a dash-cam to identify illegal parking in the interests of making local streets safer for pedestrians as well as motorists.

“Redland City Council is committed to making parking safer and more equitable for everyone and one way to do that is by identifying those doing the wrong thing and encouraging them to park correctly,” she said.

“Parking regulations exist to ensure fair access for all, a smooth flow of traffic and safety – particularly at schools, but not everyone follows the rules.

“This patrol car is able to photograph illegally parked vehicles as it drives past and is focused on unsafe parking behavior, such as parking in no standing zones, double parking and parking across driveways.

“This sort of parking is not only unfair and frustrating, it is also potentially dangerous as it prevents easy access by emergency services and buses, and pressures people to take unnecessary risks like stopping in unsafe places to collect children.”

Ms Rusan said the brightness of the new patrol car would provide a visible reminder for people to park legally.

“With its bright colours this car is hard to miss, so people will certainly notice it around be reminded to park correctly,” she said.

“While nobody likes getting parking tickets, what is more frustrating is getting parked in or not being able to get where you need to go because someone is parked illegally and these initiatives are all designed to make parking safer for all.”

5 thoughts on “Council introduces Community Response and Parking Patrol Car

  1. Lisa

    So quite often I get the same park I was in when I left – without chalking how will this thing know if you’ve moved and come back to the same spot – or will we have to spend hours and a lot of timing proving so ? if so I will bill them my hourly rate!

  2. Peter Andrews

    I noticed the parking officers were at the Thornlands Primary School last week with their camera. Each afternoon that I have to leave my house I am faced with two or three illegally parked 4X4’s that make it dangerous for me to get onto Panorama drive from my house. I have to place my car IN TRAFFIC to see on coming vehicles as the parked vehicles totally block my vision. Can the car drive past a few times a week for about three weeks after school? It will take that long for those that park there and a few fines to stop them. I don’t go and park them out at their place. Why must I suffer their thoughtless actions and put myself in danger?

  3. Peter Andrews

    Of course the real reason there is a problem is the usual poor design, lack of facilities, underfunding and by example, incompetent designers being paid good money. Lack of forward planning or even a means of confidently reporting problems that will result in a fix, be it Local, State or Federal.

  4. Redland City Council Communications

    Hi Lisa. The new Parking Patrol car is not fitted with number plate recognition technology. Timed parking zones will still be monitored by Parking Officers on foot. The new vehicle will be used to target unsafe parking practices such as parking in no standing zones, double parking and parking across driveways.

  5. Greg

    A new problem that exists is a residence that has more than 3 vehicles. These residents, their children and friends (who multiply by two when they hit the teenage ages) evoke resident rage by their selfish actions. All streets aren’t wide, and when you have children walking to school, and two cars parked either side of the road (due to multiple car families, and those who invite all their friends over as well), accidents will follows, screeches at night (when brakes come on when fast drivers realise the margin of error isn’t that great.


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