Bindii spraying at off-leash dog parks

To ensure your local dog off-leash park is fun for both you and your pet, Council will be spraying to keep prickly bindii under control from Tuesday 4 October.


While the off-leash areas will be safe to use once the spray has properly dried, it is recommended that dogs should not use the parks on the day of spraying. Signs will be posted at parks advising the date of spraying.

For further information, please email us or call 3829 8999.

One thought on “Bindii spraying at off-leash dog parks

  1. Sally Traeger

    Please hit the Ormiston dog park first. It is the park near the rail bridge at Ormiston station. It’s riddled with prickles.

    Since park users have repaired the fence themselves numerous times, it would be great for the community spirit be rewarded.


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