Outdoor food markets approved for Cleveland

Cleveland may soon be home to a new alfresco dining and entertainment experience with Council today approving an outdoor food market in Bloomfield Street behind the Cleveland Library.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Councillors had spent months considering the application and had attached more than 20 conditions to the approval.

“This is an exciting application that reinforces that Redland City is open for business,” Cr Williams said.

“While this application will help attract people to the Cleveland CBD there were some concerns, particularly regarding car parking, noise and potential impacts on existing businesses.

“Council has listened to these concerns and, where possible we have attached conditions to mitigate these issues, including the applicant having to submit traffic plans to deal with parking.

“This market will also have to abide by a set of strict conditions regarding noise and trading hours so it doesn’t impact existing nearby businesses or residents.

“I know there are some local businesses with concerns, but if we as a city are to grow the local economy we need to be innovative and embrace these sorts of opportunities.

“The applicant, Chef’s Inc, is a local chef who knows our city and I would like to congratulate him on wanting to invest in the local economy and local chefs through this venture.”

The proposal includes food containers and trucks, an entertainment platform, wine bar and alfresco dining operating Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

Cr Williams said the proposal was the perfect fit for Cleveland, which was identified as a Principal Regional Activity Centre in the State Government’s SEQ Regional Plan.

“This application is all about offering locals and visitors a new reason to come to Cleveland.  It will attract locals and visitors to Cleveland, complementing existing businesses and delivering economic opportunities for the city,” she said.

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said he had personally spoken to nearby businesses regarding potential impacts.

“I know there are some nearby business-owners who have concerns about the competition this application may bring and I have discussed these concerns with them and Councillors have considered the application with these concerns in mind,” he said.

“This food market, will attract a different clientele to Cleveland with the potential for it to be a draw-card for tourists, attracting more customers to the area.

“I encourage existing businesses to see this as an opportunity to grow their customer base and use it to drive competition and continue to provide a great service to locals and visitors.

“It also offers plenty of opportunity for local chefs, with it targeting those just starting out in the industry looking for a new way to hone their skills.”

9 thoughts on “Outdoor food markets approved for Cleveland

  1. Raj

    This is a great news for Redland bay as most of the area have same sort of things happening to get together people to experience new area .i have a mobile food van as well can you pls email me the organisation details so I can apply for the food vendor.

  2. Mary Zhang

    I am an exprienced food producer, I am intrested in gaining more information on the rising oppotunities of the eat street in cleveland. Just wondering If you could provide any contacts that I could make to discuss the matter further ? thanks !

  3. Anna Yates

    Would we be able to have more information about this event as we are a locally registered Mobile Kitchen and would like an opportunity to be part of it.
    Anna and Michael @ Travelling Foodies

    1. Faye Wright

      Fantastic idea for the Redlands considering it’s in the bayside and will create an atmosphere that will appeal to people from around Brisbane it will do Cleveland a world of good business wise and it will help boost the economy in the Redlands……


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