Public comment now open on Macleay Island foreshore development

Extensive plans for the development of the Macleay Island foreshore went on public notification today with the public comment period for the long awaited development open from 14 July to 4 August 2016.

Details of the full Macleay Island foreshore application can be viewed online using Council’s website with reference number MCU013484.

Divisional Councillor Mark Edwards expressed absolute delight that after seven years of intensive effort, designs, planning and strenuous representations, the Macleay island foreshore project had at last received approval to proceed to assessment.

“SARA’s approval last month with 25 conditions now allows Council to proceed to application assessment of the integrated plans for the area, rather than deal piecemeal with site issues.

“The plans provide for extended vehicle parking, a new public boat ramp and prescribed tidal works, including entombment of an asbestos site.

“There is no doubt that this project will be a major contribution to SMBI infrastructure,” Cr Edwards said.

“Even more importantly, it will provide urgent relief to what is a totally inadequate and compromised public parking area on one of our City’s most populated islands while at the same time, addressing the long standing issue of how to deal with foreshore contamination.

“The new space will provide better public safety and accessibility, with an improved drop off area, ferry access and parking separation along with substantially increased parking space available for cars, bikes and for recreational boating users of the new public boat ramp.

“After public notification is complete, Council will begin the decision making period and assess the application. The statutory timeframes allows 20 business days with an additional 20 business days if required.

“I hope that Council will act quickly to enable work to begin as soon as possible once the assessment approval has been provided.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that Councillor Edwards had been a tireless champion for these critical improvements for Macleay Island foreshore

“These developments will also hopefully tie in well with future improvements to SMBI pontoon and jetty infrastructure in partnership with the State Government.

“We also recognise the major priority of transport and parking issues across the whole city and Council will be working over the coming year to try to identify opportunities for significant improvements through innovative funding, partnerships and infrastructure solutions.”

Fact sheet guidance on making a submission on planning and development can be found under ‘About Council’ on Council’s website.

7 thoughts on “Public comment now open on Macleay Island foreshore development

  1. Gayle Nemeth

    Given Macleay islands elderly and disabled demographic enough disabled parking spots to suit that population

  2. Gayle Nemeth

    Given Macleay islands elderly and disabled demographic enough disabled parking spots to suit the population

  3. Michele Newton

    At long last. MANY THANKS to Mark Edwards for working tirelessly for this outcome. Also to Mayor Karen Williams and councillors. This will affect all the islands to all our advantages. We eagerly look forward to a timely beginning and completion.
    Michele N.

  4. Clem Ebber

    After several years of struggling to get the Macleay Island Carpark Project up and running, it seems that it is finally happening thanks to the engagement of our Councillor Cr. Mark Edwards.
    The emphasis with this project is the capping and entombing and capping of onsite asbestos and of course the accommodation of commuter cars. But what seems to have been missed in the design and planning is the use of this attractive maritime foreshore area with spectacular vistas and the exceptional recreational value to the islands people.
    The opportunity has been missed to make a connection and provide a link to the foreshore and waterline area with their fantastic views to the other islands and to the mainland and beyond.
    The SMBI Futures Forum and its Transport and Infrastructure Working Group have come up with a design solution as an addition to the current RCC plan.
    A marina style boardwalk on top of the new to be constructed sea wall, as a recreational feature and a tourist attraction will compliment the current project. This boardwalk is not only an ideal place to enjoy the ambience of the seashore environment but also to showcase the sculptures of the islands artists. It would also be an ideal spot for the display of the entries and prizes of the Girt by Sea Sculpture Competition.
    In our opinion this project could be realized as an addition to the current project, probably in conjunction with the re-development of the new SMBI jetties.

    SMBI Futures Forum
    Transport and Infrastructure Working Group

  5. Michael carroll

    In the design and planning a common bbq area at sunset or early morn could have been very special given the unbelievable vista there

  6. Brian Sutton

    I would like to see a three story car park on all islands and the mainland with a kiosk in each this is the only way to make the best use of land available. This would give ample parking which is now and more so in the future. Our main concern.
    We have a large number of boats on the islands and the boat ramps are disgusting.All the new boat ramps are half tide ramps, the designers are certainly not boating people,they would then realise the difficulty working at below half tide with boats.

  7. John Coles

    While I can appreciate the time & effort councillors have put into this project I can not understand why our elected councillors and MPs and community organizations could not come up with a better solution for the car parking problems on Macleay Island. Their solution is to spend six million dollars on a car park on the foreshore, that will be an improvement, but will not be sufficient for the islands current needs, let alone future requirements, and could cause more pollution into the bay.
    In my opinion this area along the foreshore should be used as a PARK for the pleasure and recreation of residents and visitors to the island, NOT A CAR PARK.
    There is the argument that this area can not be used as a park because of the fear of asbestos contamination, but on the mainland, they manage to build housing estates over old garbage tips, with who knows what underneath. I,m sure, if they wanted to, they could clean up this area and cover it with soil, Probably with less disturbance than ripping it up for a car park.
    My option would have been to spend that six million dollars to turn this area into a park and create a permanent bus service on the island to meet every ferry, then develop smaller car parks around the island where the bus could pick up from. This service could be incorporated into the transit system and would allow people to leave their vehicle at home or away from the foreshore most of the time as they would know that a bus would be there when needed. This would also free up the current car park for the people who need it. The handicapped and elderly etc.
    I know that a bus service was trialled on the island a few years ago but it only ran a couple of times in the morning and a couple of times in the afternoon which was a waste of time and money as it did not meet the needs of the residents. A bus service would need to meet most ferries, especially during peak periods, then it would be used.


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