Improved parking at Weinam Creek jetty

Parking around the Weinam Creek jetty will be reviewed following a decision by the Redland City Council today to support a request from Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards to improve accessibility for residents.

Cr Edwards said his request to review timed parking zones around the Weinam Creek jetty came after calls from the community for more equitable and accessible parking.

“Finding a car park around the Weinam Creek jetty has long been a problem for residents and the community is asking for immediate improvements to the functionality of existing facilities,” he said.

“Parking in the area is already at critical capacity and the review will assess whether the existing time zones make best use of the available parking and are correctly located for the needs of the community.

“As the number of vehicles using the car park increase, people are being forced to park further afield where there is limited signage noting time zone restrictions, which has led to some users inadvertently parking in prohibited areas and receiving parking fines.

“The Weinam Creek precinct is a Priority Development Area for the State Government and this review is intended to improve parking in the interim until it is redeveloped.”

Cr Edwards said Council had also endorsed changes to parking on Russell Island during today’s meeting.

“From 20 June, parking at Jock Kennedy Park will be limited to a maximum of four days, to prevent vehicles and boat trailers being left there for months on end and restricting the availability of parking for the rest of the community,” he said.

“Council has no intention of introducing timed parking restrictions around the Wahine Drive boat ramp.”

A report on the review of parking at Weinam Creek jetty will be returned to Council in June.

Click here for further information or call 3829 8999 to learn more.

3 thoughts on “Improved parking at Weinam Creek jetty

  1. Sam Delawarr

    thank you Mark Edwards and council in recognizing the plight of the SMBI and also the need for expansion /better allocation of the transport hub parking

  2. jenny peterson

    Great to hear something is going to be done about the parking problems. But I would like to know why cars that have been abandoned in the top carpark on Russell are not removed sooner to make more parking available I have reported this to the council and about the weeds not removed on the left of the steps it seems like this carpark is the last for rubbish to get pick up I personally with my grandkids picked up rubbish in the park by the park near the barge a group was having a playgroup in the park. I see work be done around the Island which is great but other areas totally neglected. I would be happy to meet with someone to show them what I mean

  3. Dave Tardent

    Not before time. For a start it is ridiculous having unlimited and 7 day parking areas in the near terminal area. Full time Island workers (and those working on island) should have priority here. Perhaps a permit system could be put in place? The near overflow and adjacent yet to be used fill area ought to be a maximum of 3 days. The rest of us can go further afield.


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