Have your say on Council’s draft Corporate Plan

Residents are encouraged to be part of Council’s strategic direction by having their say on the new draft Corporate Plan, which was adopted by Council for public consultation at today’s General Meeting.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the draft Corporate Plan 2015-2020 would be open for public consultation from Friday 27 March until Friday 24 April.

“This important plan outlines Council’s strategic direction for the next five years, so it is important the community is involved in its development,” she said.

“The Corporate Plan is more than an internal corporate document; it builds on the Redlands 2030 Community Plan, aligning Council’s corporate objectives with the aspirations of the community.

“This plan is essentially the recipe that guides how Council prioritises and delivers its services, programs and facilities to the community

Cr Williams said the draft Corporate Plan 2015-2020 retained the eight existing outcomes from the community plan;

  • Healthy natural environment,
  • Green living, 
  • Embracing the bay, 
  • Quandamooka Country, 
  • Wise planning and design, 
  • Supportive vibrant economy, 
  • Strong and connected communities, and 
  • Inclusive and ethical governance.

“These eight outcomes were identified as priorities by residents and provide a benchmark to ensure Council continues to meet the needs of the community,” she said.

“The draft plan was prepared following consultation with the community including a community survey and meetings with representatives from 13 environmental and community groups.

“The next step is for the community to now provide feedback on the draft plan, which will then be updated and formally adopted by Council.”

The draft Corporate Plan 2015-2020 will be available on Council’s website from this Friday or in Council libraries and customer service centres.

One thought on “Have your say on Council’s draft Corporate Plan

  1. Justine porrett

    I’ve lived in Cleveland for 12 years, I’m raising 4 children and I work with people with disabilities and the aged as a community support worker.
    I feel the up grade for Toondah harbour is well over due. While raising children we loved the islands and Raby bay”s swimming spot and fishing areas. Many a fond memories made but I was thinking, it would be fantastic to have a monorail running from Cleveland,which another resident has also mentioned.
    At Toondah harbour I see an area that can be used for our entire community, not just the rich! It needs too have facilities that are cheap, either council run shops which would be good for employment or pop up food stores. I believe a council built community coffee shop/ art workshop would be perfect. People with disabilities could help run the cafe and many different art workshops could be held producing local artwork to sell in coffee shop. I also think introducing different areas for buskers to perform free from charge from council but allowed to accept donations for audience would bring an awesome vibe to the area for many ages and disabilities. Keep it alcohol free of course.
    I would like to see shaded seating,BBQ areas, access for disabilities, interactive water park for all children .
    I feel utilizing that area for everyone’s enjoyment will only benefit our community and too help the people with disabilities gain some kind of normal life would be fulfilling for any one.
    Thanks for listening, hope it becomes a reality
    yours sincerely Justine porrett


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