State Government election commitments

We all love living in the Redlands and want to make sure the future of the city is secure.  So with a State Government election fast approaching the Mayor Karen Williams wrote to all state candidates wanting to know where they stand on the issues that matter to our community.

State Government decisions can have a large bearing on Councils.  State legislation impacts water prices, sets the overall planning direction for the city and decides our local laws.

Below is a list of topics and questions that matter to the Redlands’ community.  Click on the candidates names to find their responses.  All responses are the opinions of the candidates and do not reflect the opinions of Council.  Note the names are grouped by electorate and listed as they appear on the ballot paper.

Not all candidates responded, while the Greens chose to provide a combined response.


Cost of living

  • Please outline what you/your party would do to contain cost of living increases, particularly your view on electricity and water pricing?

Transport and roads infrastructure

  • Do you/your party support a significant Government investment in transport and roads infrastructure?
  • What are your/your party’s funding/program priorities and what commitment do you/your party give to delivering the projects?

Economic development

  • Do you/your party support initiatives that will grow the Redlands economy and create jobs?
  • What would be your/your party’s priorities to help grow the Redlands economy?
  • Please state your position on the City’s PDAs.
  • Do you support other developments that will strengthen the economy and create local jobs?
  • Do you support a university for the Redlands? If yes, what role should the government play?

Government services

  • What do you consider to be the priorities for delivery of Government services in the Redlands?
  • What can you/your party do to improve services?

Candidate responses (click on the names to read)


Erin Payne, The Greens

Steve Davies, LNP

Don Brown, ALP – No response provided


Matt McEachan, LNP

Sheena Hewlett, IND – No response provided

Carolyn Ferrando, Family First Party – No response provided

Deborah Kellie, ALP

Susan Bylett, Palmer United Party – No response provided

David Keogh, The Greens


Tracey Hughes, ALP – No response provided

Amanda White, The Greens

Mark Robinson, LNP

3 thoughts on “State Government election commitments

  1. Chris Walker

    Mayor Karen Williams seems to have forgotten to ask a few important questions such as:

    What will you/your party do to protect the environment in the Redlands including habitat for our koalas and safeguarding our internationally recognized Ramsar wetlands from inappropriate coastal development, especially in the PDA areas?

    How will you/your party work with the Quandamooka People to ensure a speedy transition on North Stradbroke Island from from sand mining to more sustainable activities such as eco-tourism?

    What will you/your party do to ensure that the community continues to have strong rights to be informed about and object to proposed developments involving a change in land use.

  2. Cameron Costello

    The Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) has written to all major parties seeking:

    – $20 Million over 5 years for the economic transition from mining to other industries
    – $20 million for the upgrade of the One Mile infrastructure for its residents
    – $2 million per annum for the joint management of Naree Budjong Djarra National Park

    QYAC has secured the following commitments:

    – Labor and the Greens committed to $20 million to the economic transition – the LNP did not commit to any funding but referred it to the Economic Transition Group;
    – The Greens committed to $20 million for the upgrade of One Mile, Labor committed to meeting with Council to redress the problems, the LNP committed to refer it to the Economic Transition Group;
    – Labor and the Greens committed to the $2 million per annum – the LNP did not commit any funding but referred it to the Economic Transition Group

    In addition Labor has also committed to repeal the LNP’s NSI Protection and Sustainability Amendment Act 2013 that extended sand mining without the consent of the Quandamooka People.

    These letters can be accessed on our website:

  3. yvonne merle beckett

    Where is the bridge/causeway funding? Your council has ripped off all rate payers on all Moreton Bay Islands with false promises for 42 years. Now, beware, you are facing an election! I believe the same will happen to your council as what has occurred in Qld elections, you are being fed by developers and big companies and not listening to the voters.


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