Bargain hunters get a safer and more efficient RecycleWorld

A safer and more efficient RecycleWorld facility has reopened at the Redland Bay transfer station following upgrades and changes to operating hours.

Redland City Council CEO Bill Lyon said the changes were focused on improving safety at the popular shop which is a trash and treasure facility where people can pick pre-loved items such as books, bicycles, and furniture.

“This is a very popular facility for local bargain hunters and this popularity has previously resulted in some safety issues with the high number of customers resulting in traffic and pedestrian congestion,” he said.

“Safety improvements to the facility include a new pedestrian access gate which will see customers entering and exiting the shop away from traffic and loading areas as well as the installation of CCTV and security officers to monitor customer behavior.

Mr Lyon said RecycleWorld would now operate Thursday and Saturday from 9am – 2pm, with a progress report to come to Council in April next year.

“Under the changes RecycleWorld will now be operated by Council staff rather than a contractor for a period of two years with a progress report to be prepared in April so Council can ensure safety, efficiency and customer service is maintained,” he said.

“This allows all staff on site to work across both RecycleWorld and the transfer station, meaning everyone is working towards the common goals of safety, customer service and resource recovery.

“RecycleWorld’s new operating hours and access arrangements are designed to reduce the number of vehicles accessing the Redland Bay transfer station at peak times, particularly over the weekend; ultimately improving the service experience for those using the facility.”

RecycleWorld located at the Redland Bay waste transfer station on German Church Road, Redland Bay.

For more information see Council’s website.

3 thoughts on “Bargain hunters get a safer and more efficient RecycleWorld

  1. Nita Buhck

    After watching the NEW Staff throw out alot of goods that previously would ofbeen recycled while emptying my trailer and seeing the increase in pricing at Recycle World. I wonder what the objective of RCC really is, wether to Recycle and reduce Landfill or make money as we all are aware of the Financial problems they are in…

  2. Joanne Brown

    The new System of having to obtain a Number to purchase items in the Internal shop is a farce, the same people seem to get the earliest numbers, these people seem to get there very early in the morning & of course will get to pick the best items up for offer. How about this: Turn the numbered cards upside down, give them a shuffle & then hand them out, this will give a few customers a better chance. people are still queue jumping, I wait an hour just to have someone push in, very unfair, I enjoy coming to the shop/yard, & even though the prices have increased will continue to do so, as far as the internal shop goes, not interested, I am not alone.

    1. Matt (Redland City Council)

      Hi Joanne, thank you for your feedback. The gift shop number system has been put in place to keep order in a very busy environment, with first come first served being the fairest way to hand out the numbers, like a deli counter. Security will monitor customer behaviour to control queue jumpers. Cheers Matt


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