Get Engaged on City Plan

  • What is needed to make the Redlands prosper?
  • What sort of housing would you like to see in the Redlands and where?
  • How easy or hard is it to make changes to your property?
  • What is already working well and what can we do better to assist our local economy?

Council wants to get you involved in our future through a number of community engagement activities taking place around the city throughout July and early August. This engagement will focus on three key strategies designed to help guide the future of the city. These strategies are: City Plan 2015, Economic Development Plan and Land Supply Availability Study (link to info on each strategy).


The engagements will focus on:

  • topics to assist development of City Plan 2015,
  • getting feedback on the draft Economic Development Plan; and
  • looking at housing possibilities as part of an upcoming Land Supply Availability Study.

How to get involved:

It’s a hub of information designed to educate, inform and engage with our community.

1. Visit the Capalaba, Cleveland or Victoria Point library until Saturday 9 August to learn more about how and when the City Plan project will happen.

2. Register for a community forum and have your say on the draft Economic Development Strategy or learn more about the City Plan and upcoming Land Supply Availability Study. Bookings are essential and can be made on the City Plan website.


Date Time Location Theme
Saturday 2 August 2014 2-3pm Capalaba Library City Plan & Land Availability
Thursday 7 August 2014 6-7pm Cleveland Library City Plan & Land Availability
Saturday 9 August 2014 2-3pm Victoria Point Library City Plan & Land Availability
Thursday 14 August 2014 6-7pm Capalaba Library Economic Development Strategy
Thursday 21 August 2014 6-7pm Cleveland Library Economic Development Strategy

3. Come along to a community pop-up information booth in a suburb near you to talk to a Councillor and learn more about the future planning for the city.

Date Time Location
Saturday 2 August 2014 10.30am – 11.30am Russell Island Shops
Sunday 3 August 2014 11am – 12pm Point Lookout Headland Park – North Stradbroke Island
Saturday 9 August 2014 9-11am Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre
Saturday 9 August 2014 11am – 12pm Birkdale Fair Shopping Centre

4. Host a Kitchen Table Talk with a Council planner. Learn more about how Council Planning works in a one hour session for up to ten people. Submit your expression of interest form.

Redland City Plan 2015

The Redland City Plan 2015 will provide a blueprint to guide the future of the city as it grows.  It will help guide planning decisions from where development can occur, right down to how easy or hard it is for residents to do something on their property.

Draft Economic Development Strategy

The draft Economic Development Strategy charts a course for the city over the next 25 years driven by an increase in local employment, increased productivity and value-adding, along with tourism growth.

The draft strategy identifies key local sectors for future growth as construction; education and training; financial and insurance services and professional services; healthcare and social assistance; niche manufacturing; retail; and tourism.

Land Availability Study  

Council’s upcoming land availability study, due for release shortly, will look at the Redlands’ expected population growth and the availability of land to meet that growth.  This includes meeting the needs of our future community and the different types of housing needed to accommodate future residents, both young and old.

Along with the findings of many other studies and reports already completed in the Redlands and available on Council’s City Plan website, the Land Availability Study and Economic Development Strategy will help in the development of City Plan 2015.


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7 thoughts on “Get Engaged on City Plan

  1. Lindsay Hackett

    I fear this Council, like those before it, continues to engage in the repeated practice of creating new studies of issues until it gets the results it wants, or can manipulate the results to bring about its desired conclusions.

    The Redlands 2030 Community Plan was supposed to form the vision for development of Redland City, including particularly the need to limit the population to a level that would be truly sustainable as measured by quality of life; availability of water, food, minerals, clean air/rivers/oceans; and protection of the environment and the eco-systems reliant upon it.

    The present push by Government and Council to accept and encourage population growth is irresponsible and will continue to damage our quality of life and the environment. Continuing and rapidly escalating resource depletion (water, minerals and environment) is reported regularly by Government agencies and will lead inevitably to disaster, not immediately but within 100 years – read the reports.

    1. Marty

      I agree. All tiers of governments create studies that are designed to do two things; 1st, to shut the population up for a while and hope the mood changes and 2nd, if they don’t shut up produce findings that state that it will be required at some stage in the future, or that it is another tier of governments problem. That way the whole merry go round starts again after another 10 to 20 years and another study is done producing the same result. Got to love bureaucracy, lots of frantic activity, yet nothing to show for it.

  2. Steve

    Well spoken Lindsay! The unnecessary repetition of countless similar studies & committees, all funded out of our ever-increasing rates, has become intolerable. The council’s resources & budget could be better spent by simply actioning some of the obvious past findings. (We need to encourage food & water security while improving our environment. NOT a continuous expansion of the income-generating “sea of tiled roofs”.)
    Rate payers EMPLOY the council to administer OUR environment, but councils seem to be under the illusion that they exist to generate maximum income & maximum regulation affecting those same rate payers.
    Time for a reality check!

    1. Marty

      Hear hear. But alas, while the Redlands Council spends millions on ‘studies’ to prove what they want, rather than what we want, it is a futile wish. We don’t even have a sewer system on Russell. Building costs are extortionate and you need a secondary waste treatment plant which limits what you can build. Very little of our rates are spent on the islands and they crow about building basic infrastructure. Spend our money on our Islands for a start and bring the Islands up to mainland standards. Oh that’s right, it costs council a fortune to bring anything over on the barge. Build a bridge.

  3. Desmond Kelly

    Lindsay Hackett is so right.
    Meanwhile it would improve amenity on this island (Macleay) is we had an are zoned to enable a car mechanic to cperate legally.

  4. Ursula Helmy

    Bridge to Russell Island to be included into the development of Redlands
    Redland City Council and State Government need to amend the “South East Queensland Regional
    Plan 2009–2031” (SEQ Regional Plan) , Page 31, Part C- Regional land use pattern Redland – see:
    “Upgrading services, efficient water based transport and protection of the environmental values of the islands and Moreton Bay are all necessary to manage growth on these islands.”
    “Upgrading services by bridging Russell Island to Redlands to transport and provide social services to the communities, improve the local economy of the SMBIs, and minimise marine traffic around Moreton Bay.
    State Government to take an inclusive approach to address the specific infrastructure needs of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands”.

    I urge all levels of government to agree to remove the obstruction to development of the SMBIs


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