Budget 2014-15: Waste water treatment upgrades

An extra 40,000 are expected to call the Redlands home by 2030 so it is important to provide the infrastructure to meet this growth.

A big part of that infrastructure is wastewater treatment facilities which treat the wastewater from our homes and businesses.

This year’s Council Budget includes nearly $12 million for waste water treatment plant upgrades.

Below is a list of all projects included in this year’s Budget:

Waste Water Project  
Pt. Lookout Waste Water Treatment Plant 3,000,000
Sewerage Pump Stations 2,765,328
Waste Water Treatment Plant Inlet Works Expansions, Thorneside and Mt Cotton 2,410,000
Dunwich Sewerage Gravity Sewers 1,131,000
Pumps and Switchboards 726,300
Pump Station Infiltration reduction 500,000
Odour works at inlet – Cleveland 300,000
Flow Meters, Aerators & Mixers, Pipes & Valves and Lifting Gear 221,700
Pumps & Macerators, Odour Control, Dosing Pumps and Clarifiers 190,000
Cleveland Waste Water Treatment Plant 150,000
Confined Space Safety Equipment (Pump Stations and Reticulation) 150,000
Control Systems and Pipe Work & Valves 137,100
Civil, Generators, Cranes & Hoists and Blowers & Compressors 132,000
Pump Station Bypass Enabling 100,000
Thorneside Sewage Treatment Plant Odour Control – Additional Carbon Unit 70,000
Minor Wastewater Plant & Equipment 10,500
Total Waste Water 11,993,928




5 thoughts on “Budget 2014-15: Waste water treatment upgrades

  1. David Thelander

    Hi Team,
    When will Dunwich be fully sewared?
    We have been waiting since 1966.
    Hope it is soon.
    Thank you.

  2. Ross Williams

    Thorneside Sewage Treatment Plant Odour Control is long overdue.
    I have been avoiding the train station for a while now. The smell is so thick it sticks to your clothes.

  3. Chris Acton

    It’s nice to leave a few windows open to let in the night fresh air. Well, not if you live even remotely close to the sewage treatment plant. We live 1.5 km away, this morning the wind is a light 6kph westerly and I’ve just closed all our windows to prevent the invasive smell from entering the house. Thankfully we are so far away.The odour up here is not much more than unpleasant. I’d hate to live closer.

    1. Allan (Redland City Council) Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Chris. Council is currently working on a number of wastewater projects, with odour mitigation a key consideration. Would you mind clarifying which treatment plant is causing a problem?


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