Hilliards Creek cycleway officially opened

Cyclists will welcome the new Hilliard’s Creek crossing Cycleway officially opened today by State Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson and Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.


Mr Robinson said he was pleased to open the cycleway today along with the Mayor, and representatives from Bicycle Queensland, Redlands U3A Cycling Group and the Wynnum Redland Cycling Club.

“Providing better infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians is a part of our stronger plan for a brighter future,” Mr Robinson said.

“This is a great addition to the city’s walking and cycling trails as it provides an important link to the Moreton Bay Cycleway, which will eventually connect Redland Bay to Redcliffe.

“The cycleway is not just part of southeast Queensland’s recreational infrastructure, it a highly valuable community asset which will service many users ranging from local commuters to mobility scooter users.”


The project was jointly funded by the state and local government at a cost of $1.4 million.
Cr Williams said the crossing added to the city’s already extensive network of shared bike and pedestrian pathways.

“The pathways, many of which pass through natural wetlands and foreshore areas, are a key part of Redlands attraction to visitors and recreational users, with the city becoming a very popular and accessible destination for recreational bike riders.

“We are intent on promoting the huge appeal and potential of the Redlands not just as a gateway for visitors but as a beautiful and entertaining destination in its own right.

“What better way to advertise our scenic and cultural treasures than through the healthy attributes of our walking and cycle paths.”

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said the new connection had already been in popular use for several months.


“Since its completion it has provided a short cut between the suburbs of Ormiston and the shopping and dining attractions of Wellington Point Village with many people commenting on the greatly improved access the new crossing provides,” Cr Boglary said.

“I believe Council and the State Government also deserve credit for the sensitive way this new connection has been designed and built.

“The new track includes a large elevated section that passes through unique wetland habitat providing users with a great perspective while at the same time protecting the environment.”

The new path section connecting between Sawmill Drive, Wellington Pt and Bibury and Gloucester Street, Ormiston includes a 20 metre bridge and 194 metre boardwalk.

5 thoughts on “Hilliards Creek cycleway officially opened

  1. Peter Jackson

    However why is it necessary to have an official opening? If it was a new Gateway Bridge there would be something to celebrate but this is certainly not a Gateway structure. What was the cost for the opening taking into account the cost for staff to set up a marquee, seats, signs, spruce up the area, staff to attend the opening, serve tea, coffee and biscuits, fuel for vehicles and then to pack up and dismantle at the end of the event?

    My estimate of this cost would be approximately $5000.

    The mayor is asking the public for suggestions on how the Council can improve the current budget deficit. Eliminating these types of events will contribute to cost reductions.
    The Council has a responsibility to work for the benefit of the ratepayers. What is the benefit to the ratepayers by conducting an official opening? None.

    The only reason for an opening of this nature is for publicity for Councillors and staff. Costs can be cut by eliminating these self indulgent events.

    1. Susie Post author

      Thanks for your comment Peter.
      While not everyone is a keen cyclist the Redlands has a very active cycling community who are very excited about this project. This was evidenced by the large number of cyclists who attended the opening event and are using the new cycle way.
      Cheers Susie

  2. Peter Jackson

    There is no question that the bridge is a valuable additional to the community infrastructure. My concern is why an official opening is necessary and the cost to stage this opening. There is no benefit to the community expending money on an official opening.
    $5000 could be spent on something far more useful than self indulgent events.


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