North Stradbroke bushfire updates live: Monday 6 January 2014

We will be updating this page with all of the latest updates about the Straddie bushfires on Monday 6 January 2014.


Police have revoked the Public Safety Preservation Act on Stradbroke Island.

The PSPA, that was enacted on Saturday December 4 due to bushfire activity, was revoked at 5.38pm this evening.

Police would like to thank the public and media for their assistance during this time.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

Crime Stoppers is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.

For all non-urgent police reporting or general police inquiries contact Policelink on 131 444 or 24hrs a day.


Reports of rain on #Straddie


North Stradbroke Island residents are advised to remain alert but not alarmed as the fight continues to keep control of a massive bushfire which has now burnt for eight days.

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Changes to Straddie waste collection services



New media release: Straddie bushfire update: 2pm Monday 6 January 2014


Watch Cameron Costello CEO of Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation and Chair of #Straddie Camping talk about what the fires mean to the traditional owners.


QFES Inspector Phil Wilson talking about the Straddie fires a short time ago.


Live updates – Straddie bushfire community meeting

Redland City Councillor Craig Ogilvie and Sgt Peter Twort provide an update on the bushfire situation below


Member of the audience thanks QFES for their efforts – no loss of life or houses lost.


Member of the public casts doubt on fire starting by lightning strike. QFES confirm number of witnesses saw lightning and smoke rising straight away.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife confirm three or four hazard reduction burns in recent times.


Cameron Costello from QYAC says they have been actively investigating alternate energy sources.


People talking about self-sufficiency. Standard solar panels only work when there’s mains electricity.


QFES say it was an unprecedented response by Energex, they put a huge amount of resources in and faced big challenges.


Question from public re Pt Lookout power outages. Nick Clarke thanks @energex for their hard work but cannot explain technical reasons for it.


Nick Clarke says @redlandcouncil can put out messages via our communications channels and also via ferries / #Straddie camping


Acting CEO of @redlandcouncil Nick Clarke says a multi-agency group will be looking at recovery issues now.


Comment from the audience: land needs to regenerate – please tell people to keep to tracks and let nature work.


Nick Clarke acting CEO of @redlandcouncil says he will speak to compliance manager of local laws re dogs off leash.


Comment from audience: off-leash dogs will be a bigger problem than ever now for #Straddie wildlife.


Cr Craig Ogilvie talks about Straddie open for business campaign. He tells the audience about a new electronic notice board – where should it go at Pt Lookout?


Boyd Essex from Redland City Council talks about the impact on wildlife. Call Wildcare Straddie on 0407 766 052 if you see injured animals.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife say reserve your judgement on effects of bushfires – we need to look at survey data first.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife say that several factors impacted on Straddie fires: strong weather patterns (heat and winds), too many fires at the same time, fire break system not adequate to contain a fire of this scale and intensity.


QFES advise they are confident that fires are out.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services talk about the scale of the fire as per earlier meetings. In the area affected, there are some pockets of vegetation left – not everything is burnt.


Mark Robinson MP thanks emergency services and the community for their response during the fires.




Cr Ogilvie opens Pt Lookout meeting.


Staff member from Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service thanks everyone for their input – he will speak to two members of the public after the meeting as they have a lot of knowledge and experience. Cr Craig Ogilvie thanks everyone and closes the Amity meeting.


.@MarkRobinsonMP says we are fortunate that we are not looking at a worse situation on #straddie following the recent bushfires


Dr Mark Robinson MP, State Member for Cleveland thanks everyone including emergency services, community groups, Straddie Ferries, Sibelco.


Member of the public says a structured coordinated review process for fire situation on #Straddie is necessary.


Acting @redlandcouncil CEO Nick Clarke talks about phases of disaster management. We are now in recovery phase, including looking at lessons learnt.


Another member of the public criticises State Government for failure to backburn Straddie. He talks about how the aboriginal people have been managing the land for centuries, even noted by Captain Cook.


Comment from the public: former firefighter says backburns not done anymore. He says fire burns differently on Straddie to mainland. QFES says they are not land management agency, they are a response agency.


Cr Ogilvie says feedback loop to community for future plans must be put in place on #Straddie.


Bernice from Queensland Parks and Wildlife says QYAC biggest landholder on Straddie now. Cameron Costello says QYAC would like to sit down with stakeholders and look at future planning – local resources and crews being used.


Question from the public: who can we write to with our requests for better fire tracks / fire breaks? @QldFES says it depends on who owns the land.


Cameron Costello, CEO Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) speaks about the knowledge they provided emergency services at the incident control centre. Emergency services respected culturally-sensitive areas and concerns.


Straddie Wildcare says need to fight feral animals such as foxes – they are pushing native animals into urban environments.


Straddie Wildcare need to speak to Council and State Government about more resources about protecting wildlife.


Straddie Wildcare were gobsmacked by the huge amount of resources that were put into fighting this fire.


Cr Ogilvie talks about a new noticeboard for Amity – if you have any thoughts on where it should be, let us know.


Cr Ogilvie talks about the Straddie open for business campaign – ABC, 4BC and Courier Mail have been involved.


Boyd Essex Service Manager, Environment and Education, Redland City Council talks about how nature is resilient. Some areas badly affected, some not as much.


Bernice Sigley, Acting Senior Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services talks about the need for more strategic fire break systems – this will involve all landowners on Straddie – Sibelco, QYAC, SEQWATER, RCC, National Parks.

Bernice says don’t jump to conclusions re impact on flora and fauna until investigations are done. They are looking at species recovery issues – what impacts have occurred on these species. This was a significant fire event, maybe a once in a hundred year event.


Queensland Police say there will be a debrief with emergency services in coming weeks – all constructive criticism welcome.


@QLdfes thank everyone in the community, emergency services, volunteers, business for all their hard work during #Straddie fires.


QFES says there was a lot of work put into how they would protect Amity and plans were drawn up for evacuation.


QFES give an overview of the situation as per Dunwich. No active fire, no fire that will cause any problems. For all intents and purposes, the fire is out. However, urges community to be vigilant.


Cr Craig Ogilvie opens the meeting at Amity and does introductions.




People are arriving for the 12 noon bushfire information and feedback session at Amity.


Cr Beard thanks everyone and closes the meeting at Dunwich.


Dr Mark Robinson MP thanks many people including Sibelco, Straddie Ferries, Cr Ogilvie and Cr Beard.


Dr Mark Robinson MP, State Member for Cleveland, speaks about how well the emergency services worked and how well the community pulled together.


Cr Beard asks people to add comments and further questions onto the survey.


Nick Clarke talks about the importance of door knocking – the national SMS alert system is not the primary method of letting people know about evacuations.


Nick Clarke, Redland City Council Acting CEO and Redlands Local Disaster Coordinator talks about the national SMS emergency alert system. We didn’t have to use it this time.


Question from the public: why cant we use saltwater for water bombing? QFES say salt can have an impact on the environment but also for operational reasons – salt spray can wash over cockpit and make visibility difficult.


Resident who lives near Myora thanks QFES for all their work, along with his neighbours.


Question from the public: why wasn’t blue or brown lake used for water bombers? This was inline with wishes / respect for QYAC.


Re campers on Main Beach – there are 300 campsites with 6 people allowed per campsite. So numbers were within capacity.


Resident also concerned about the situation with fire breaks and the proximity to housing. Can breaks be extended?


Question from the public: the fact there was 900 people camping on Main Beach seems astonishingly high – is this normal?


Cr Beard opens the floor for questions from the public.


Cr Ogilvie tells the crowd that there is a survey is available at the door for them to fill in.


Cr Ogilvie is very proud of how @redlandcouncil has handled the #Straddie bushfires.


Cr Ogilvie thanks @redlandcouncil disaster management staff, fire conservation staff, communications team, Cr Beard, emergency services.


Cr Ogilvie says he has been working with the local chamber of commerce Brisbane Marketing and Courier Mail on a campaign to get people back to Straddie.


Cr Alan Beard thanks Sibelco for their role during the bushfires. He introduces Redland City Council Division 2 Councillor Craig Ogilvie.


Boyd Essex says that in some areas affected by fire, animals had no chance. In other areas, they did have much more of a chance to survive.


Cr Alan Beard introduces Boyd Essex Service Manager, Environment and Education, Redland City Council. Boyd thanks all the wildlife carers for their hard work.


Bernice Sigley from QPWS says fire breaks were not big enough to cope with intensity of the fire. More strategic fire breaks are needed.


Bernice Sigley, Acting Senior Ranger, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, says that she has flown over the island to assess the situation. In the coming few months, Parks service and QYAC will get together to look at the impacts for species and their capacity to recover and also learn about past fires on the island.


Queensland Police praise the efforts of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and also their own Sgt Peter Twort.


Cr Alan Beard thanks all @RedlandCouncil Communications staff for their hard work throughout the #Straddie fires. Round of applause.


QFES confirm for all intents and purposes, the fire is out.


QFES confirm the fire impacted 16200 hectares of North Stradbroke, 60-65% of the island affected. The situation on Straddie will continue to be monitored.


Aunty Eve Parkin says that it is time to turn around and listen to our aboriginal people who have been dealing with these situations for many generations.


Aunty Joan gives a welcome to Quandamooka Country.


Aunty Joan Hendriks praises the amazing efforts of everyone involved in fighting the bushfires and also the way the community has pulled together.


Cameron Costello, CEO of Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) thanks the emergency services and all agencies for their work. He invites Aunty Joan Hendriks and Aunty Eve Parkin on stage.


Cr Beard thanks all of the emergency services and volunteers for their hard work.


Redland City Acting Mayor and Local Disaster Recovery Chair Councillor Alan Beard opens today’s first bushfire information and feedback session on Straddie at Dunwich Community Hall.


imagePeople are making their way inside Dunwich Community Hall for the first of our bushfire information and feedback sessions.



It’s a beautiful day to be on the bay!


Main Beach campgrounds are still closed until further notice.



Cr Ogilvie closes meeting, round of applause.


Question when people can move back in near Gatumba St? QFES say human life is most important. People can return to homes but remain vigilant.


RCC confirm water towers full.  Until mains electricity go back on, conserve water on Straddie.


Straddie Camping confirm they told campers to be prepared in case they needed to leave. One third of their staff were released from work due to fires near Dunwich.


What measures to protect power / water supplies now post fire? Energex confirm very short power outages this afternoon between 3-5pm when mains supply is being switched back on.


question from public – can pubs and clubs be informed of closures since that’s where some people are?


QFES thank community for giving all staff and volunteers cold drinks.


Public thank agencies for Facebook updates, asking if they can donate to emergency services.


Members of the public thanking QFES.


QFES confirm they lost a fire appliance (truck) in Straddie fires, no injuries.


Question from public – asking for hazard reduction burn on Rainbow? Not in current plans. QFES advise take issue up with State Government.


QPS says community support has been fantastic.


Redland City Council CEO says Energex are checking to make sure mains supply stable before switching back from generators. Generators may stay until tomorrow morning with storms predicted tonight.


Cr Ogilvie confirms non-essential to Straddie not recommended, this may change soon.


Cr Ogilvie thanks Australian Red Cross, QFES volunteer community educators and other volunteers.


Update from SES – they are staying on Island today to help. QPS thank them for their invaluable assistance. Round of applause.


Be careful on Straddie roads – aborists checking trees along East coast roads


QPS advises  Public Safety Preservation Act for Straddie still in force.


Question from public about Disaster management plan- will go on front page of website this morning.


Cr Craig Ogilvie leads a round of applause for QFES.


QFES advise fires within containment lines.


QFES advise transfer back to mains power today, may be a short outage.


QFES advise Tazi Road closed. Smoke hazards on Straddie and Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

13,000-14,000 hectares burnt on Straddie.


QFES advises back burning successfully completed overnight. Crews on scene to guard against further embers. East Coast Rd open but expect delays. Checks on Main Beach campgrounds today. No threat to any community.


Cr Craig Ogilvie opens the meeting.


QPS confirm Key Holes, Brown Lake, Blue Lake and all inland tracks closed until further notice.




People starting to take their seats for the 10am meeting in Dunwich.




Australian Red Cross volunteers Liese, Hemi, Barbara and Ken at Dunwich Community Hall




QFES Superintendent Mike Dwyer pictured with other QFES staff after some long shifts on Straddie




There’s a a few small pockets of fire visible on Straddie from the water taxi this morning.


Cr Alan Beard closes the meeting, round of applause from the public.


Question from the public asking when full power will be restored? Monday Hopefully.


Question from the public asking if Brown Lake is shut? Yes.


Round of applause for emergency workers.


RCC’s Nick Clarke explains that water supply levels are comfortable, but please use only as necessary until full mains power back on next week. Showering and washing is fine, please refrain from watering gardens or washing cars.


RCC’s Nick Clarke explains about the power situation On behalf of Energex. Great work done by them to get power restored on a temporary supply. Use electricity normally – careful with power use during peak demand between 5pm-8pm. It’s a great night for a BBQ!


QPS urges people to look after their neighbours, especially the elderly.


QPS repeats earlier advice (Scroll down this page). Command centre set up at Dunwich. Police and SES will door knock giving plenty of notice if evacuations are necessary. Evac point for Amity is the boat ramp.


Cr Beard encourages people to bookmark social media sites.


QFES repeat advice from Pt Lookout meeting- their activities today, the new outbreak west of enterprise road, there are no plans to evacuate people, however planning is taking place for all contingencies. Get accurate info from QFES QPS Redland City Council Facebook and Twitter – no account required. e.g. Google Redland City Council Facebook.


Cr Alan Beard opens the meeting.


The third bushfire information meeting is about to start at Amity Point.


Cr Alan Beard closes meeting. Round of applause from crowd. QFES QPS RCC staff talking to the public.


question about protecting cars with valuables in – QPS advise in case of an evacuation, they will have plenty of time. vehicles will come to Pt Lookout Community Hall and situation will be assessed from there. A form is going around the hall for the names and addresses of people in each property.


Check QFES QPS and Redland City Council Facebook pages – no account needed.


Question about pet owners – QPS advise bring your pets In case of evacuation.


What are the effects of the predicted weekend weather? QFES advise they are back burning. They are making plans for all contingencies. Incident Management Team in place.


If people don’t drive, how do they get to evac point at Pt Lookout Community Hall? Police reassure that they will be looked after.


Question from the public about evacuations. QPS advise that none are necessary, but if needed, Police and SES will door knock. Initial evac point is Pt Lookout Community Hall.


Energex say hopefully full mains power restored on Tuesday.


Energex: with pressure on network, tonight and tomorrow are good nights for a BBQs.


Round of applause for Energex for restoring power on Straddie Last night.


QPS advising people to ignore media rumours – get information from QPS, QFES and Redland City Council Facebook, Twitter and websites. Listen to 612 ABC. Help each other, help neighbours, especially the elderly.


QFES informing people that warning is still at its lowest level, advice. Next level up is watch and act.


QFES  giving update, details as per Dunwich meeting, however,  – new reports of a fire of some significance west of enterprise rd. QFES speaking to mine workers and any beach campers in the area.




Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard welcoming everyone.


We will be updating this live blog with any new information or questions. Please scroll down to see the updates from the Dunwich meeting earlier today.




People are arriving at the Point Lookout Community Hall for the second bushfire information meeting on Straddie.


North Stradbroke Island residents and visitors can take excess rubbish including perishable goods to Council’s North Stradbroke Island Waste Transfer Station, which is located on East Coast Road, Myora. There is no cost to drop off rubbish at this station, which will be open until 4pm today (Friday 3 January).

General operating hours for the station are:

Monday to Friday – 8am – 2pm
Weekends – 7.30am – 3pm.


A member of the public  thanks everyone for their attendance today. A round of applause closes the meeting. Staff from QPS, QFES, SES and Redland City Council stay behind to answer questions from the public,


QFES advises they are working with the mines and other companies / stakeholders on the island to pool resources.




Question from the public, RCC will also post information on public notice boards. Details to follow.


Question from the public – QPS confirm Brown Lake is shut.


RCC’s Nick Clarke says use water as normal, please do not waste water though.


QPS says help one another. if you have elderly neighbours, let them know what’s happening. Work together. Look after each other. QPS circulating a form for people to list who is living  at each address.


QPS assures people again they’ll visit everyone in case of an evacuation.


QFES advises we are still at the lowest level of warning – advice.


QPS assures people they will have plenty of time IF evacs are required. No one will be forgotten.






Question from the public about power outages in afternoon. Energex advises limit power use (no air con) around 5-6pm peak time.


Question from the public about news reports of evacuation. QFES advises no evacs planned, stay tuned to 612, QFES and RCC social media.


Question re solar panels. Energex advises leave solar panels switched on.


Energex says fire has knocked out main and backup system. Main system out until early next week. Backup system has limited capacity. More generators are planned to help. Use water, wastewater, electricity only as necessary.


QPS says they will come to people’s houses and streets in the event that evacuations are necessary. People will have time to get belongings. Parking will be on footy ground. Registrations at Dunwich Community hall. Back sweep will then take place to ensure everyone is out.

NO evacuations are necessary at the moment though.


QFES says two air attack water bombers in use. Multiple strike teams on the ground. No evacuations planned. Plans in place should things change. Stay tuned to 612 ABC, QFES Facebook, Redland City Council Facebook.


QFES says there is no cause for concern in terms of future evacuations. Three pockets of fire currently burning. All fires in containment lines.


Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard opens the meeting, followed by a welcome to country by Aunty Joan.




Crowd gathering at Dunwich Community Hall


Redland City Council is reminding residents and visitors on North Stradbroke Island to continue to conserve water.  While a temporary measure has restored power to the island, more work is needed to repair the power supply permanently.  Possible interruptions to power supply limits the capacity of the island’s water and wastewater treatment plants to treat and pump water, meaning it is important water is conserved.


New media release: Straddie Bushfire Update: 7.30am Monday 6 January 2014


Good morning, we’ve just updated our Straddie bushfire: Frequently Asked Questions

More Straddie bushfire information is available on:

Redland City Council website – – and Facebook page

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website – – and Facebook page

Queensland Police website – – and Facebook page

Energex website   – – and Facebook page.


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