Council calls for respect and fairness in Wellington Pt parking

Redland City Council says it will continue to reinforce parking regulations at the popular Wellington Point Reserve, calling on all users to be fair and respectful of the needs of all users.

Redland City Council’s General Manager Environment, Planning and Development, Toni Averay said the enormous popularity of coastal boating and picnic destinations like Wellington Point was a particular challenge for Council.

“In Council’s recent discussions with stakeholder groups, it was clear that all users were keen to see fair and equitable treatment and the enforcement of the existing parking regulations,” Toni Averay said.

“Council invested almost $2.8 million in major landscape and parking facility improvements at Wellington Point in 2009-2010 to meet the needs of users, including the addition of another 18 regular car spaces.

“There are now 166 regular car parking spaces at Wellington Point, including eight disabled spaces and 75 car and trailer parking spaces.

“Wellington Point is clearly one of the most popular destinations for families and picnickers as well as a vital and very popular public boat ramp facility for ‘boaties’ wanting to access the bay.

“It is important that we respect the rights of all users of this wonderful location and in particular, that cars not park in the spaces set aside to meet the needs of boat users.”

“These boat trailer spaces have been set aside to meet the requirements of recreational boat users who have no alternative, if these spaces are illegally taken by cars only.

“While Council will receive a further report next month on the parking situation, ultimately it is up to all visitors to Wellington Point to do the right thing so that everyone can safely and happily enjoy this wonderful destination.

“Council officers issued 39 Infringement notices to motorists who were illegally parked at Wellington Point last weekend.

“Council will continue to monitor and enforce the Wellington Point parking regulations.”

Toni Averay said boaties could use ramp and parking facilities at Williams St, Cleveland, Raby Bay and other Redlands access points, if Wellington Point was overcrowded.

3 thoughts on “Council calls for respect and fairness in Wellington Pt parking

  1. ankur

    How do I complain about the fine i had @ wellington point car park.?
    If council like to take higher taxes then should improve parking facilities and stop charging fines to commuters if they can not provide enough designated parking space…

  2. Disappointed

    I found this post when searching on disputing a parking fine, but the link comes up with a 404 error. I was fined for parking in a trailer spot on a Saturday night at banana st as there were no parks neither in the car parks or on the street. I spent 20 minutes looping around hoping someone would leave before my ferry was due. No such luck. We had only moved to Macleay island the weekend before, so had not had a chance to organise more reliable parking. I am very disappointed in the lack of parking for residents of the islands. I finish work late every night so it looks like until I can organise secured parking I am going to be charged $50 parking per night by Redland City Council?! Bit harsh!


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